Maui Ikaika Mau Loa

Maui Forever Strong

Maui Forever Strong

BUY ONE FOR YOURSELF (proceeds benefit Maui residents) and/or BUY ONE TO DONATE – at cost (shirts ship to Maui residents)

Here is How to Support the Aloha Spirit and Live Aloha! 100% of the money profited with this fundraiser goes directly to Lahaina residents, not just a portion, 100% guaranteed! If you have been looking for a way to help the residents and business owners of Lahaina Maui that have lost everything…this is it! You can show your support for them in 4 different ways.

1. First is to purchase and wear this awesome Maui Strong T-Shirt to keep awareness high, these people are already being forgotten on the news stories and we can help keep it front of mind by wearing these shirts. The QR code on the sleeve leads directly to the fundraiser.

2. Second, you can purchase shirts at cost that will be sent directly to the people on the island with boots on the ground that need clothing badly.

3. Third, you can share this fundraiser site with everyone you know…help us make this go viral, no cost to you, helps them tremendously.

4. Fourth, you can give a monetary donation!

Mahalo in advance for your VERY generous donations! Anything and everything helps give hope and love to the Ohana (families) of Maui.

~ Maui Ikaika Mau Loa (Maui Forever Strong)

If you would like to purchase a shirt for yourself and purchase one to ship to the residents of Maui please add them to the cart individually choosing yes or no on each for donation.

Orders will be processed and printed approximately once a week in bulk and then shipped.